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f extinction in Uganda, even though the breed is listed as heritage assets that the contemporary man has▓ inherited from

spread apart; also the color of their body -- some have pure colors, w▓hile others have dotted ones. In addi▓tion, their friendly nature to humans and ama▓zing sounds make them deserve better conservation.Not too optimistic current living situationIn 2005, t▓he Food and Agricultur

legendary ancestors.Th

e Organization reported that at least 20% of the world's estimated 7,600 livestock breeds, among them the Ankole cow, were in danger of extinction. The agency warned of▓ a potential "meltdo

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as been precipitat▓ed

wn."In 2008, the World Bank▓ also published a report, saying it was time to place farming at the center of development. High▓ly productive livestock breeds, the World Bank asserts▓, can allev

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